NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ App Reviews

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Great but iPhone X needs help

When it plays its amazing. But on iPhone C the game crashes about 2 and a half minutes into an exhibition match. Sometimes a little shorter sometimes a little longer. I hope you guys can maybe fix it because the game itself is quite good. Happily change it to 5 stars if it gets ironed out.


This game was awesome please update the rosters EA

Don’t bother

Game keeps crashing won’t let me play past tip off. Roster needs a serious update. EA so you not care about this game anymore haven’t got an update in a year!

It used to be fun.

Now this game continues to crash on iPhone X ios 11.2.5. It’s been a good while since the last update for the game. So what gives?


we need a roster update the nba has changed so much since the last update!

The game crashes every time before I can finish

Please update!!! The game crashes every time. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it still does. Update or else the app is worthless for future buyers. I really liked it before it crashed all the time!


This Game Need To Be Update And Fast There Are New Team And I know a lot of people would want the same thing thank you and have a good day...?

Crashing immediately

Crashing immediately in iphone X after tipoff of game

NBA jam

I loved this game as a kid, but I can’t even play a whole game. Keeps crashing.

Needs an Update!

They havent updated rosters in at least 3-4 years

Crashes almost every game

Just bought it and it crashes ALL the time in iPhone X. Can get through a complete game 10% of the time

Out dated

The rosters are very out dated, they still have Durant on the thunder and LeBron on the heat, its just very pointless to have a game thats so subpar and pay for it then to download a free game and get constant updates. Save yourself the money and get something better


Fantastic game, but update it...

Crashes on iPhone X! Fix it or pay me back my money

I had this working great on my iPhone 6s but since upgrading the last month to iPhone X the app opens u start playing and it crashes every time about 1min Don’t buy unless they fix app!!! Rip off these apps that u pay for and they just stop debugging apps ?! Idk

Actually 0 Stars Not 1 Star the game is trash

This *******beep**** isn’t letting me score 80 points, while this dude is just being so annoying.


No iPhone X screen support yet...

Crash on iPhone X

I paid for the crash app?!


Same teams as 2013 need to update


Love the game, but it keeps crashing on the iPhone X. Please fix!!


Good but, update to roster would be nice as a Celtics fan ?

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