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Where is the 2017-2018 Roster?

Where is the 2017-2018 Roster?

Great game

Can you update the rosters for 2017-2018 season EA you all do a nice job on all your games Love them Thank you

Great game

Can you update the rosters for 2017-2018 EA you all do a nice job on all your games Thank you

Game logic is almost non-existent.

Game is RIGGED. I was "On Fire" and missed 7 in a row and on 8th attempt I faked out defender and knocked him down. He recovered and jumped across several feet to block my shot before I could release the ball. If I make an attempt to steal, I cant get off the ground to block a shot. Too many inconsistencies and stupid bugs. Youre under the basket and jump to block and your player automatically jumps away from the ball. Play on rookie level and the other team plays like expert. CPU players can steal from you several players away from in front of you or behind. Game does not have integrity... a POS! No stars. Correction negative five stars. Seen your updates and the game went from poor to a waste of space. Calmly put, the game under performs. Turbo seems useless. Controlled & CPU players on my team randomly move away from the ball. My CPU player rarely attempts a block and fails the vast majority of times when he does. Almost impossible to block short range jumpers around the hoop when my player jumps away from the ball.


We need accurate rating please, updated team rosters and maybe add game modes. But please update, I really love the way the game feels and its fun but Stephen Curry should have a 10 three pointer rating and ur missing players. EA where you at?

Wheres MJ ?!?!?!?!

I love the game but I want to know why the G.O.A.T is not in the game!!


Great game but update the players.

NBA jam

Can their please be a roster update it would make the game amazing. D Angelo Russell is definitely needed ??

One of my favorites

NBA jam is an amazing basketball game. The challenges keep you interested and campaign mode is awesome. Facing off against division super teams and Bird/Magic super team is a stressful time. Veteran and rookie mode are pretty easy so I recommend anything higher than vet for a challenge. Ratings really do matter and although any player can dunk, the chances of being blocked are lower on good dunkers. Only problem is not updated rosters but its ok, I only use legends anyway. Great game, and commentator is funny.


can we get an update with new rosters & game fixes ASAP PLEASE

Update please

An update with new players and old players on there new team would be nice.

Fine game and App

The whiners of this game annoy me. The rosters here are from 2014. Everyone understand that. Stephen Curry although still on GS was not the same player in 2013 that he is now. Ill use EAsports NBA game on consoles as an example. Every year they release a game at $70 a pop. Why would this $2.99 App be updated with rosters every year for free? Use your heads people! Additionally, game play is great for a phone. Also great graphics.

Controls are terrible!!

The game is fun, but the controls are nearly unusable. Whenever using the turbo button, theres about a 50/50 chance your player will do what you want. Far too often when you want to shoot, he will pass and sometimes the player will shoot for no reason. It makes the game pretty unplayable when that happens.

update !!!

please update the rosters !!!!! i love this game so please update !!!


This game is only fun to play but not fun with the rosters... UPDATE THEM

Update the Rosters to 2017-2018!!

This game would be way better if they updated the rosters


This game is great but there is one thing that needs to change.... The game is rigged. I take the best team in the game and play the campaign only to lose every game by 3 or less points. Even if I have a 20+ lead, the T-Wolves will find a way to crawl back and hit a full court 3 for the win. Other than that, great game!

update PLEASE

can we get an update with correct rosters ASAP PLEASE


The game is fun and really smooth on my phone, but these players are really outdated, you still have love even though he is retired and Kevin Durant is on the Thunder even though he should be on the Warriors. Especially this offseason, a lot of moves were made and players like Gordon Hayward and Jimmy Butler went to different teams.


The game is extremely fun but I wish you guys update the rosters. If you guys make small fixes and update the roster this game will be even more AWESOME! The warriors won the finals and this awesome game still hasnt gotten an update yet? Did the developers just forget about this game!? Ive been waiting for so long!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!

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