NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ App Reviews

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Crashes on iPhone X

Crashes mid game on iPhone X

App crashes

I can play this game for about 1 minute before it crashes! I want my $4.99 back!

Crashing on iPhone X

Love this game. Play it constantly, but keeps crashing mid game. Fix it please!!!!!

NBA ham

I purchase this game with the expectations of Enjoyingthe game but the game keeps cutting off. Please fix, it’s on my iPhone X!!! I am very very disappointed with this game.


The game is very fun when it works. Every time I go in to play it, after about a minute of playing it crashes.

Crashes constantly

This game crashes constantly. I have actually never finished a game it crashes every time I play. Very disappointed I feel like it could be great if it didn’t crash


Great game but keeps on crashing in the middle of a game fix it !!!!!!

Don’t buy for iPhone X

Game is great except it’s not compatible with the iPhone X. You can’t finish more than 1 game without the app crashing. And it hasn’t been updated in over a year - if I would have seen that before I wouldn’t have purchased. If EA decides to update them I’d give it a 5 star review. Same NBA jam from when I was a kid - awesome.

Crashes on iPhone X

Game keeps crashing on iPhone X. I’ve started the same game five times in a row. Restarted my phone and nothing can stop it from crashing

HORRIBLE!!!! (please read to save your phone)

When they have to literally program their players to cheat in order to make it frustratingly terrible to play this game so that they can win means it’s terrible gameplay. One example is they can hold the ball at one baseline and pass and to the other baseline to score making you completely blind to where their player is and helpless and useless to defend. Whereas you can’t pass to your teammate ON THE SAME SCREEN. It’s an automatic turn over if you try to pass to your teammate who is off screen. this is deliberate programming to not allow you to be successful. When they can do things that you simply can’t because of code means they cheat to win. DO NOT PLAY. YOU WILL WANT TO THROW YOUR PHONE. PROTECT YOUR LIFE AND SOUL(and phone): SKIP THIS GAME!


I think this game is a really fun and amazing game I don’t care about the rosters but whenever I go up for a dunk it just gives my teammate a alley-oop


I really like the game play and everything, but I really need some new players.


Love this game, but it keeps crashing on My iPhone X

Bad Experience

I purchased this game to use on my iPhone x and it keeps crashing. Moreover they are not even fixing the same.


Crashes in the 4th quarter every time I try to play the knicks. Have tried multiple times.

Crashes all the time on iPhone X

Had it on my iPhone 7, no trouble. Game play is awesome. Got iPhone X. Game now crashes before I can complete 1 quarter.

Need a Refund now

keeps crashing when I just bought and on the first game of campaign, like seriously don’t even know why it’s on the App Store still, how do I get a Refund???

Please update to iPhone X

Please update this for the iPhone X. Also would be nice to have updated rosters. The Warriors don’t even have Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant. If you don’t update please sell a newer version. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.


Love the game but keeps crashing on iPhone X. Please fix.

Update the rosters


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